Austalasian and Canadian Programs by Specialty

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Below is a list of Austalasian and Canadian programs by specialty. Eventually, all programs will be represented, but that requires listing all faculty specialties on the front page.

Two points are worth emphasizing:

  1. The specialty category list—the ontology, essentially—is rather catholic at this point. As the specialties of individual faculty members are filled in, and programs are further categorized on this basis of this, some categories are likely to merge or disappear. The current approach is to err on the side of more categories rather than fewer, even if it is a bit unwieldy at this point. The current list of categories is here.
  2. Programs are tagged with specialties on the basis of front-page faculty program listings. The category trees below, however, are generated from (appropriately tagged) Wiki Program Pages. At the bottom of those pages are wiki markup tags of the form [[Category:Category Name]], e.g., [[Category:Evolutionary theory]]. So in order for a specialty to register in these sorted lists, the appropriate Wiki Program Page must be tagged.
Austalasian and Canadian Programs by Specialty
Bioeconomics(1 P)
Bioethics(2 P)
Biomedicine(1 P)
Causation(3 P)
Classification(1 P)
Cognition(1 P)
Cognitive science(1 P)
Concept of gene(1 P)
Discovery(1 P)
Economics(2 P)
Evidence(1 P)
Evolutionary theory(4 P)
Explanation(3 P)
Fitness(2 P)
Genetics(2 P)

Homology(1 P)
Innateness(2 P)
Mechanisms(1 P)
Methodology(2 P)
Microbiology(1 P)
Models(2 P)
Molecular biology(1 P)
Morphology(1 P)
Natural kinds(1 P)
Natural selection(2 P)
Perception(1 P)
Philosophy of mind(5 P)
Pluralism(1 P)
Population genetics(1 P)
Psychobiology(1 P)
Reciprocal altruism(1 P)
Science and values(empty)
Special sciences(1 P)
Species(1 P)
Systems biology(empty)